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Raise The Dead IV

It has been one year since Raise the Dead Festival plagued our dark streets. The sheer punishing volumes bellowed through the filth of back allies. The stage was covered in broken glass, circle pits , and fist fights. A line up revived legendary bands that summed up the power and history of a underground scene that only we can deliver. This is the 4th year for Raise The Dead Festival. Its return offers a different theme from the previous efforts. This show will be a punk rock dedicated event, showcasing reunions from The Sluts & The Dirtys. With Disappointed Parents tearing up the stage first, it will no doubt be a beer soaked prodigy of destruction; a audio massacre of large proportions. This isn't some pop punk fashion friendly radio bullshit that you find at Hot Topic. This is the genuine article, true force of angst ridden expression, born in the streets and in your face like a crooked cop on meth. The Dirtys, who's set will offer some experimental visuals, vocal trad

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